I used to be 35

A nice girlfriend,

A wedding in Greeks islands (not mine),

The experiment of love’s contradictions,

Theses 3 kids’ laughs,


A motorbike licence,

A motorbike,

A motorbike crash,

A hurting elbow,

A lack of sport,

An open up to Champagne,




Michael Jackson,

Learning Czech,

Parisians restaurants,

Proudness of the 1 meter 09 little boy,

An infinite search of confidence in my peers,


Exciting hours in bed, sofa, parks,

Theses 3 kids’ noises,

One more motorbike,

« La superbe »,


An unbearable winter,

“Let England shake”,

Wine, wine, wine,


The sale of an apartment

Temporary homeless,

Theses 3 kids’ smiles,

A breathless run after money,

An ejection of traitors and fake friends,

A wedding in Prague (still not mine),

The French west coast,


Killed smoke before it kills me,

Started to wear a moustache,

A nice & reliable girlfriend.

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